Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tuesday Night at Argos Gallery

Tuesday night and time again for one of the four weekly drawing sessions at Argos Gallery on Luisa Street. There were eight attendees, plus the model, which seems to be the average number of people drawing on Tuesday nights. However, the group will soon be advertised via flyers at local art supply stores and on Craig's List, so it could get more crowded.

Drawing starts with five five-minute warmup poses.

After a five-minute break the pose changes to 45-minute poses, with a five-minute break in the middle. 45 minutes is usually enough time to do a decent drawing. Or even a bad one. 

The pose timed-out before I could get to the feet. Most starving artists can't draw feet. Otherwise they'd be rich and famous. 

I was having trouble with this pose, wasted a couple of sheets of newsprint, then finally decided to stop trying so hard, loosen up, warm up, and just draw with reckless abandon. I like the drawing better than most. Hmmm, that's disturbing. But I like the reckless abandon thing. I also like the fact that I could later use Photoshop to move the top arm and torso line up a bit to improve the worst part of the drawing.  
After struggling through several attempts to draw this pose, I did this one, but I cropped the image to hide the legs, otherwise it might be just a little too clear what “struggling artist” really means.