Saturday, August 4, 2012

Drawing in London

While in London last winter, I signed up for a sketching event at the Battersea Arts Centre, put on by London Drawing, an organization that organizes drawing & painting events. A year or so ago I had attended a London Drawing after-hours life drawing event at the Tate Modern, so I knew it would be an interesting experience. The drawing above is a warm-up sketch of Robin in our Uxbridge (West London) apartment, the day before the Battersea event. Gotta try to remember what charcoal feels like.  

London's Battersea Art Centre. Originally opened as Battersea Town Hall in 1893, it was converted to a community arts center in 1974. It's a theater and art space that appears to be involved in all sorts of creative endeavors.

Many models, many poses.
The attendees put their drawings on the wall during a break. The multi-levle model stand, empty now, held 9 or 10 models at a time.