Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Burlesque Dancer

Deidre, a member of a burlesque troupe that performs on the cabaret stage at The Lodge in Santa Fe, posed for the Tuesday evening drawing group at Argos Gallery. Although it wasn't really apparent, she's pregnant. So the plan is to have her pose at least once every month for the next half-dozen months, to create a sketchbook record of her pregnancy.

Two-minute warm up drawings.

Keeping it simple. And quick.
The "simple and quick" drawing gave me time to do a second drawing of the same pose, this time focusing on the upper body and head.

I think she should duplicate this pose every month, to really show the change her body goes through. I'll plan to montage the drawings into one image. Of course, the final effect will depend on how good or bad the drawings might be.
A different style for this pose.