Thursday, September 13, 2012

Canvas: Four Women

Corel Painter software provides brushes that simulate natural media (oil brushes, chalk, etc.). I've used Painter a lot in the past. This 44 x 20 inch canvas (300 ppi) gave me a chance to experiment with Painter's oil brushes. The combination of Painter and Photoshop pretty much makes you an Invincible Artist Master of the Universe. Or at least more so than you ordinarily are.

Canvas detail. 
The full image. While watching a football game I paused the TV when the camera focused on a crowd shot. The women in the shot reminded me of a Norman Rockwell Americana type of image. I shot the TV screen with my iPhone, then uploaded the image to the computer and opened it in Painter. I cloned the image with one of Painter's oil brushes, saved the image as a Photoshop file, then opened it in Photoshop. In Photoshop I used the Liquify filter to reshape each face and change the identities of the women.