Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Drawing During Debate

 I like to use alliteration in blog headlines ("Drawing During Debate") because I care deeply about the 47% of people who read but don't draw; freeloaders who refuse to take responsibility for their drawing skills.

Two-minute warmup sketches. I can usually tell how I'll feel about the night's drawings depending on how easy the warmup drawings are. 

I was tempted to stay home and watch the Presidential Debate instead of attending the Tuesday evening drawing group. Fortunately I decided on drawing, which made a total of four artists at the drawing group, just enough to cover the cost of the model.

Bikini tan model.

For the last pose of the evening I switched from charcoal sticks to a 6B pencil. 

A quick digital painting based on the bikini tan drawing above, 24 x 28.