Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unplanned Private Drawing Session

Last night was Election Night. And drawing group night. Although tempted to skip the drawing group just this once, I figured the election results would take all night to be resolved, and I didn't want the model to have to model for too small a group, so I decided to go drawing, perhaps leave early.

My hunch that some of the regulars might be staying home to watch the election results was correct. I was the only one there, plus the model. Since she'd driven all the way across town, she said she'd stay. Since I'd driven half-way across town (OK, it's a small town, so no big deal) I suggested just a couple of 20-minute poses, then go home early.

Election night model with multiple ear piercings.

That worked out great. 45-minute poses are often twice as long as I should have, giving me extra time to overwork the drawing or get obsessive with details. I returned home in plenty of time to see some of the election uncertainty drama and to see Obama eventually declared the winner.

I wondered: How many Romney supporters were out drawing nudes during the election coverage? Not many I'll bet. But then, on the other hand, there weren't very many Obama supporters out drawing nudes either, from what I could tell. I guess I'm just a renaissance kind of guy.