Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Tim Different

Santa Fe is known as the City Different, partly because of people like Tim. 

For his 54th birthday celebration, Tim, an avid reader and brilliant writer (and friend), sat in Dunkin’ Donuts from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. yesterday, reading books. Anyone was welcome to stop by with a book of their own and spend up to 15 minutes reading a favorite passage to him.

You'll have to agree that you can't pass up a Santa Fe event like that, so I drove in a snow storm to Dunkin’ Donuts with a children's book of poems by Dave Crawley named Reading, Rhyming, and ’Rithmetic. I chose the poem One Hundred Words to read to him. Tim's used to some really weighty reading, writing, and stuff, so I figured a children's poem would be memorable and that he would appreciate the brilliance of Dave Crawley. And I was right. He enjoyed it, we chuckled all the way through it, and he made a note of the author and book title.

Since the poem is just 12 lines long, I used the other 14 minutes chatting and taking a photo so I could go back do a quick birthday ink wash sketch.

Happy 54th Tim.