Saturday, February 16, 2013

CafePress Curtain

As mentioned in a previous post, I ordered a curtain from, printed with a drawing from the Tuesday night drawing group. When it arrived, it was the wrong size. It was supposed to be a chenile privacy curtain, but instead it was a smaller, polyester shower curtain. I emailed CafePress and they had the perfect response: Sorry, our fault, we'll ship the correct product to you, no need to return the shower curtain.

I was already a big fan of CafePress. Now I'm even more impressed.

You can't tell from the poor lighting, but the image quality is really good,
considering the image resolution is 72 pixels per inch.

Rosetta is more into red rubber balls than art, but I don't take it personally.
You can tell it's high-class art because it includes a Shakespeare quote from King Lear.