Friday, June 14, 2013

Plein Air Watercolor


Yesterday I stopped by the Arroyo Hondo Open Space trails to visit some friends who invited me to join them along with a group of plein air painters that meet at a different location every Thursday to paint landscapes (watercolor, acrylics, oil, pastels, or whatever you want to do). I didn't take any art supplies with me but it was nearby and I wanted to just check it out for future consideration.

It looked fun and I thought watercolor would be easiest to deal with while on location, so when I got home I dragged out what watercolor supplies I could find: an ignored collection of watercolor supplies that belong to Robin, a nice set of watercolors she bought for me at the Tate Modern several months ago in London, a set of watercolor pencils, and a pad of watercolor paper.

I’ve been wanting to experiment with watercolor, and I definitely want to experiment a bit before I paint with a group so I’ll have at least some vague idea of what I’m doing and what supplies I should take with me. 

This is the view of a small hill, extremely exaggerated, in the northwest corner of the property as seen from the front patio. This was fun. I think I’ll go along with the plein air people in the near future on one of their field trips, including a trip to some lavender fields in a couple of weeks.