Saturday, July 6, 2013

Plein Night Air

A couple of days ago we made a two-day trip to New York City, walked to Times Square around midnight, and ran across this sidewalk artist. 

I assume this qualifies as “plein air” painting. Or “plein Times Square” painting. Maybe “plein midnight sidewalk” painting. In any case, it’s good to know that New Yorkers have a place to draw.

I assume you probably have to get a permit to set up like this at Times Square, but if not, I’ll see if some of the regulars from our Tuesday night drawing group would like to hop on over there for a midnight drawing session.

I thought this guy was better than the average sidewalk artist.

We cruised around Times Square for a few minutes, then came back to see how the drawing was going.

I didn’t have time to draw during our two-day NYC adventure, but I did manage to do one drawing of a sleeping passenger on the flight back to New Mexico.

More NYC photos:

Friends from Chicago planned a party for 20 at their favorite New York restaurant, La Grenouille (on East 52nd Street, between Madison Ave. and 5th Avenue). We’re at the upstairs bar partying while our table below is prepared.

Madison Avenue, where Don Draper and other Mad Men work. 

Rain in Rockefeller Plaza.
Speaking of Plazas, I’d like to replace the obelisk in the Santa Fe Plaza with at least one of these.  

Massive stone man art.

Rockefeller Plaza from the NBC cafe window. 

Times Square at midnight panorama.