Monday, November 11, 2013

Drawing at Duel Brewing

I've been hearing that Duel Brewing in Santa Fe hosts Sunday mid-day drawing sessions, so I decided to check it out.

A $25 fee provides you with a live model for two hours, a Belgian waffle, and a Belgian-style beer of your choice, brewed on the spot. The atmosphere was inviting, the 6 or 7 artists in attendance were nice and friendly, the model was great (she modeled for our Tuesday night group recently), the lighting was dramatic, the proprietor and staff were welcoming and gracious, the waffle was excellent, and the beer I chose was “Non-Fiction,” a less-hoppy version of their Belgian-style IPA, “Fiction.” I've also tried their medium-bodied amber ale “Bad Amber.” All good stuff.

An unsuspecting, not-artists couple with an infant in a car-seat wandered in during the drawing session, having missed the sign on the front door that said the brewery wouldn’t open until 1:30. I have to say they handled it pretty well, but this is Santa Fe, after all. After a while you just kind of expect weird stuff to happen occasionally. . .  like a naked woman casually sitting alone in a pub. 

Duel Brewing is my idea of a friendly neighborhood pub. Definitely going back there soon.

This drawing started as charcoal on newsprint. I took an iPhone photo of the newsprint pad and opened it in Photoshop where I added digital color, texture, and highlights, then enlarged the image to 30 x40. 

Ambient Light at Duel Brewery
Digital print
30 x 40