Friday, April 25, 2014


This print is another in the series Drawings Metallic. I like how the classical feeling of charcoal, linen, and parchment contrasts with the extreme glossy surface of the aluminum and the juxtaposition of traditional subject matter with a contemporary visual presentation.    

Classical Back Pose
Original: charcoal on newsprint
Digital print on aluminum
24" x 16"

The background texture of the image below is from a scan of a page of the Psalter of Henry VIII, one of many amazing ancient documents in the British Library. The result is a combination of pre-classical background texture, classical pose, contemporary figure rendering, and a 21st century presentation on glossy aluminum. I call it Pre-Classical Post-Contemporary SantaFe Superflat Modernism. With a hint of Post-Coloring Book. 

Not-So-Classical Back Pose
Digital print on aluminum
36" x 30"