Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wine and Cigars in Abiquiu

Doug Coffin, wine, and Romeo y Julietta in Abiquiu
Digital print, 18 x 12 inches, on high-gloss aluminum, black wedge frame

To celebrate my birthday Robin and I recently spent the day in Abiquiu, a village just an hour north of Santa Fe, former home of Abiquiu's most famous resident, Georgia O’Keeffe, and current home of other awesome artists. After doing some sketching in the area and sharing a Monk’s Ale with Robin at Bode’s General Store, we enjoyed a birthday dinner at the Abiquiu Inn with artist friends Teresa Toole and Joe Hall. After dinner we went to artist Doug Coffin’s house for dessert, champagne, wine, and fine cigars. Robin and Teresa passed on the cigars while I discovered that more than half a cigar is more than I can handle. But, more to the point, it was an amazingly beautiful and satisfying day of geezerness celebration. And it inspired me to move on to some projects I’ve been thinking about. One of those projects was to make an etching of a charcoal drawing I had done recently of Doug in his studio. After taking the etching through several stages (soft ground, then a couple of stages of dry point) I scanned the printed proof, then created a digital print, shown above. Nothing says “artist” like high-gloss aluminum. But maybe that’s just me.