Monday, February 15, 2016

Train From Kew

While in London, several years ago, Robin and I took a train to Kew, to the Royal Botanic Gardens. On the return trip to London, I was fascinated with the contrast between two women across the aisle. One was young, beautiful, stylishly groomed and dressed. The other was elderly and casually dressed. I thought they might be mother and daughter, but they never spoke. The younger woman seemed to be lost in distant thoughts and never looked away from the window. The older woman was totally absorbed in the daily tabloid and never looked up from it. I wondered how many years ago the older woman was the beauty in the window, and how someday the beautiful young woman would be the elderly one reading the daily tabloid, dressed for comfort instead of style.
They both probably wondered why the creepy old guy across the aisle was staring at them.

Two Women on a Train from Kew
Digital print on paper
20" x 23"