Sunday, March 13, 2016

More Saturday Tokyo Photos

These are more photos from yesterday (Saturday) when we visited the Fish Market and the Kabuki Theater. Today is Sunday (more on that in the next posting). 

Saturday evening some of us had dinner at a restaurant in one of the two malls that are located within a block or two of our hotel. Very nice upscale Tokyo stuff, although not as upscale as the Ginza district which we visited earlier this week and again today.

This is a Shinto shrine located just outside the Kabuki Theater. It's a special shrine that's dedicated to a successful Kabuki performance. Because it's a Shinto shrine, the devotee approaches the shrine, claps his hands twice (to get the attention of the spirits), then, in his mind, says his name and then his "wish." Sounds as effective as anything else I can think of.

Subway signs: "Do not Rush" (above) or "Do Rush" (below). Come on, make up your mind.

Robin and Elizabeth check out some of the vendors on one of the side streets of the Fish Market.

While at the Fish Market we enjoyed a sushi tasting at one of the popular restaurants in the area. Our guide Ayana made reservations so we avoided the very long line of sushi lovers trying to get in. A couple of our group sat here, but the rest of us were in a private room on the third floor, sitting on the floor. Great sushi.