Monday, March 28, 2016

Oh Yonago

Just got in (1 am) from drinks at Jimmy's favorite bar, the Red Lion, a ten minute walk from his apartment. The owner is a master mixologist, the kind that makes his own ice cubes with an ice pick from a block of ice. 

When we arrived at the bar there was one other patron, kinda what you might expect on a Monday night. After a short while several English/Japanese language teachers that Jimmy knows came in. Soon the place was full, about 15 or so people. The owner got his assistant to take group photos of him and all of us. Then everyone in the bar joined in taking group photos with us.

But first . . .

The day started with Jimmy dropping Elizabeth off at a ocean-side spa for a massage, then he and I went to driving range to hit golf balls. At this place a tee drops below the artificial turf mat and comes back up with a golf ball. I hit over 300 balls without ever bending over to put a ball on a tee.

Back to the bar story:

Cross over a small canal on a small side street to get to the Red Lion bar. Bars here open around 9 pm and stay open until the last customer leaves, usually around 3 am or later.

Jimmy and his friend, Kenji, the bar owner. Super friendly. Great mixologist.

Lots of new friends at the Red Lion, Jimmy's (and our) favorite bar. This guy happened to recognize Jimmy from Facebook because he knows the girl Jimmy was dating until recently. When Jimmy told him they had broken up he leaned back in amazement, saying "Oh my Ga, oh my Ga, oh my Ga!" He was flirting with Robin and, being a hair stylist, was in love with her hair-do. He liked my hair too, he said, but that's what they always say when they're flirting with Robin.

Jimmy with three other English teachers, sort of an impromptu teacher conference at the Red Lion. Tim, on the left, is Chinese and from San Francisco.

Robin and Elizabeth, working the room. Eventually, everyone in the bar got into the spirit of things and joined us in big group photos. I'll try to get some of them from Jimmy.

Complimentary bar snacks.

When the drinking devolves into arm wrestling (Jimmy, on the right, vs Ohara-sensei, another English teacher), it's just about time to start walking back to the hotel. But first, a few more hugs,  hellos, goodbyes, and group photos. An amazing night. Oh Yonago!